Top Hashtags is a website designed to give Instagram users easy access to the most popular hashtags on the social network. While hashtags like FBF and WCW are very popular and you’ve likely seen them on IG, did you know that they’re not even in the top 100 most popular tags? Hashtags on Instagram like love (#love), instagood (#instagood), me (#me), and TBT (#TBT) are among the top hashtags on Instagram.

The most popular hashtags on Instagram can be used to get more followers and get more likes. Tags for likes such as L4L are very popular, with over 80 million tagged photos. Tags for follows such as F4F are also popular, with over 70 million tagged photos. Instagram hashtags can be used to get more likes or followers by making it easier for people to find your photos. Instagram has a search feature where users can search by hashtag, showing every photo on Instagram with that particular hashtag. If you tag your photos with the top hashtags on Instagram, your photos will be noticed by more people and you will have a greater chance of getting likes and followers.

Instagram hashtags are used to sort photos, so using relevant hashtags on your photos will give you a better chance of being found by someone with similar photos or interests. If people that find your photos have similar photos or interests, it follows that they will be more likely to like your photos or follow you. Popular hashtags likes iPhoneonly (#iphoneonly) are often tagged on photos that users take using their iPhone. The top hashtag food (#food) will be tagged in photos of food. If you post a photo of a nice dress, you may want to use the popular hashtags fashion (#fashion) that has been tagged to over 120 million photos.

Here are the 10 hashtags with the greatest number of posts:

Top 10 Hahstags (last 24 hours)

  • 1 #love 2B
  • 2 #instagood 1.3B
  • 3 #fashion 928M
  • 4 #photooftheday 895.8M
  • 5 #art 766.7M
  • 6 #beautiful 724.3M
  • 7 #photography 717.3M
  • 8 #picoftheday 633.2M
  • 9 #follow 628.2M
  • 10 #happy 622.3M

And here are the top 30 tags (if you'd like to copy and paste them):

Top 30 Hashtags


What are hashtags?

Hashtags are used on social networks like Twitter and Instagram, allowing users to find similar posts. For example, if someone posts a picture of a dog, they might use the hashtag #dog in their caption. This allows other users to find that picture, along with other similar posts. Each hashtag begins with a pound sign (#) and is followed by a string of characters (letters, digits, underscores) with no spaces.

Example of hashtags used on an Instagram post
An example of how hashtags are used on Instagram.

Hashtags are perhaps most useful on Twitter because Twitter has a feature that looks at all the hashtags users are using to identify trends.

Example of hashtags used to find trends on Twitter.
An example of how hashtags are used on Twitter to find trends.