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While it’s helpful to see which hashtags are the most popular by determining the total number of posts containing each tag, we can also use other methods to gain some insight.

As an example, suppose there was an Instagram hashtag #purplepuppymonday with a total of 5 posts. Then, a celebrity makes that hashtag a thing, and within a month there are ten million posts using that tag. Then, just as quick as it began, it stops, and now nobody is using that tag.

Is it still a good hashtag to use? Probably not! Just because it appears to be popular does not mean that it is. While it is generally true that a tag with lots of posts will continue to have lots of posts, there are still cases when it’s not true.

Here, you can view the top 100 hashtags by number of posts for each tag in the last 24 hours.

Trending Hashtags

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